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Yellowstone National Park Vacation

by Alma B. Apostol

Are you aware that the first ever National Park to be created anywhere in the world is the Yellowstone National Park. It's situated across three states; Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. Founded in 1872, it became one of the most popular tourist attractions in the United States. A Yellowstone National Park vacation has much to offer, as visitors can enjoy a protected wilderness with amazing scenery and wildlife.

The area's natural features include mountains and forest where herds of bison and elk roam wild. There are also wolves, moose, bighorn sheep, puma, grizzly bears and black bears. There is even a large lake, a super volcano and a Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone but the most famous geological wonder to be seen on a Yellowstone vacation are the geysers and hot springs there. The Old Faithful Geyser is famous throughout the world and visitors seek it out. Anyone suffering from respiratory illnesses should consult their physician prior to vacationing in the park, as the hot springs and geysers give off sulfur. The forests are teeming with aspen, fir, pine and spruce. Some trees and plants are unique to the park.

Tourists need to be properly clothed when visiting the area as the weather can become stormy without much warning. Some visitors book a tour, led by a Park Ranger. These are experienced people who pass their knowledge on. Accommodation is comfortable and includes hotels, cabins and campgrounds. There is also one recreational vehicle park. Visitors are strongly warned not to approach or feed any dangerous animals they may come across. There are varied reasons to come on a Yellowstone vacation. It's a great place for backpackers and campers and people whose hobby is mountaineering. Visitors also like to go fishing, boating or kayaking. Some people like to explore by bicycle, on roller blades or from horseback.

The park looks beautiful in all seasons, including wintertime. It may be cold but the area is stunning after a light fall of snow. It's also possible to pursue winter sports on a Yellowstone vacation and guides are available to lead those wishing to cross country ski or to ride on a snowmobile. It should be remembered however, that some parts of the park and roads are closed during inclement weather and some routes may require vehicles to have snow tires and chains. A Yellowstone vacation is a taste of the real America. There's not many places left on earth where you can wake up in your hotel to the sound of a pack of wolves.

About the author: Alma B. Apostol Writes fiction and non-fiction articles. Also co-authored articles published in Scientific Journals.

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